85 Years of Neon Signs: Walking Tours with Dumpster Diver Len Davidson

Len Davidson Walking ToursNeon signs have been a dramatic part of Philadelphia and America’s landscape since the 1920′s. These tours will highlight signs built from 1936 to the present, examining signs of various styles and functions. The tour guide, Len Davidson, is one of North America’s leading experts on restoration and preservation of classic neon signs, and has written the sign industry’s bible on historic neon, Vintage Neon (Schiffer Press, 1999). Len’s tour will introduce you to neon history and technology while examining some of the most spectacular and historic signs on view in the city.

Highlights include a mint condition 1936 neon on porcelain-enamel Pittsburgh Paints sign at the Center, animated signs, neon inside and outside the Reading Terminal Market, signs of Chinatown, and the revolving Hard Rock Cafe sign.

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