‘Unexpected’ Diver Homes featured on the Unexpected Philadelphia website

Alden Cole at Home, Photo Collage courtesy Unexpected Philadelphia

Diver Alden Cole at home,
courtesy Unexpected Philadelphia

When it comes to fun and creative reuse, the Dumpster Divers apply the same wildly imaginative eye to their homes that they do to their art.

On Unexpected Philadelphia, a new website and blog, Diver couple Dave Christopher and Kate Mellina lead you on a truly ‘unexpected’ tour of fabulous Diver homes. And, yes, it’s enough to send you rifling through your own stash for inspiration.

Kate and Dave will be adding more great Diver homes in the coming months, along with exclusive interviews with their owners. They’ll also share photos and stories about the unique people and places they’ve encountered on the streets of South Philadelphia – all with a Diver’s eye for fun.

We encourage you to check them out at unexpectedphila.com!

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