Eva Preston

Eva PrestonEva Preston has distinguished herself as an exhibitor of many Art forms. She is famous for her Mixed Media Art. Eva’s art is made from recycled materials, found objects, textiles, photos and torn paper. She tells stories through her artwork with unique patterns, shapes, architecture and construction.

She is a self-taught artist from Philadelphia and a hands-on visionary Artist. As a Collector and Historian, Eva dives into the past and retrieves old prints and photographs. She is also a Set Designer, Mask Maker and has taught Mask Design in high schools, art centers and colleges. Her techniques are seamless and smooth; to the touch and eye.

Eva’s portfolio is filled with National & International Articles and Interviews. Her Fashion Lines Aanya318handbags & A’Vance318mens were featured in many International Magazines including HAUTE HANDBAGS, ALTERED COUTURE and AMERICAN STYLE. Both fashion lines appeared in Philadelphia Fashion Week and many Domestic and International runway shows. She has collaborations and exhibits’ with art groups, colleagues, museums, fashion houses and accessory companies.

With Artwork displayed in numerous  International Art tours and exhibits, galleries, museums, and other institutions, including the Philadelphia Free Library, Smithsonian Institute, American Women’s Heritage Society, Art for AIDS, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, The Department of Commerce Travel Exhibits in the Caribbean and an Exhibit at  The Philadelphia International Airport and  The Art Gallery at City Hall in City Hall Philadelphia

Eva has received numerous awards for her Artwork and community services; She also received The Jewel Award from the City of Philadelphia and 5 different awards from the State of Pennsylvania at the 2012 Women’s History Image Awards.

Read Eva’s Résumé.

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