Ann Keech

"Story Board" - Photo by David Matthews
Objects left behind, given away, thrown away, lost, are found on the sidewalk and street, pulled from the trash, salvaged from flea markets and garage sales. Where has it been? Who owned it? Histories come to mind. Textures, shapes and colors inspire. Sorting and choosing from found objects, some familiar, some strange, they are brought together and assembled in unexpected ways. Interesting containers, boxes and sometimes my own constructions from clay, wood or altered objects; and collage, paint, wire, glue, nails and screws are but a few of the ways the story is connected. Sometimes the container itself will inspire the assemblage. For sure, these assembled sculptures lighten the trash stream just a little, for a while. Hopefully, the art will encourage attention to and curiosity about found objects. Take a second look at the things we see around us, left behind, inherited, dropped on the ground, tossed out, all carrying so many stories. Not trash - treasures to be reclaimed and retold.

My first "diver" experience was in Leo Sewell's project for Please Touch Museum in1983, diving in our kids' toybox for contributions to Artie the Elephant. For weeks, we watched Artie grow, fascinated with Leo building and assembling this full-sized elephant. A few years later, when organizing "Sculpture Week" at Devon Elementary School, I did workshops with the kids assembling "junk art," Leo came out and talked with the kids about his art and assembled a "Devon Dragon" from the kids' donations. I was drawn to this artform earlier while living in NYC in the 1970s, intrigued by Joseph Cornell, Louise Nevelson, and Marisol's work. From years of creating functional pottery with texture and stuff pressed into the clay, to mosaics and assemblage of my own tesserae, I have journeyed on to assembling found-object sculpture. Right away, I could see a great curiosity and appreciation of this artform, my work being included in shows with mostly more "traditional" mediums.

Found Artist Angel" - Photo by George Bilyk
Artwork by Ann Keech
"Found Writing Angel" - Photo by George Bilyk

"Salt of the Earth Angel"

The Games We Played
Photo: Ann Keech

Shoe Story - Oh, The Places She'll Go!
Photo: Doug Congdon-Martin

Antlered Trophy One
Photo: Ann Keech


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